The Traverse

This is a world-class

Leadership Expedition

The Traverse

Over four days, and four mountain summits, the advisors of Azimuth Consulting Group, LLC will incorporate the latest insights into neuroscience research with the hard-earned, combat-tested lessons on leadership from Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa.
During The Traverse, we focus our curriculum on PerspectiveAction, and Commitment while geolocating the special operations attributes of courage, integrity, capability, perseverance, reliability, humility, adaptability, and confidence. 

Experience The Traverse... this is a world-class leadership expedition. 

The Traverse:
The Traverse: Perspective
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The Traverse:  Action
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The Traverse:
The Traverse:  Commitment
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The Traverse:
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The Facts

  • The Traverse spans four days and three nights in the Tobacco Root Mountains of Montana.  We will conduct pre-deployment and redeployment at The Peak in Butte, Montana.

  • Participants will be teamed with a Special Operations veteran who will serve as an advisor/mentor for your three or four-person team.

  • Basic Special Operations planning tools will be utilized.

  • The curriculum combines the newest neuroscience insights with hard-earned lessons from U.S. Special Operations in combat.

  • All meals during The Traverse will be provided.  Dietary needs will be accommodated.

  • The Birkman Method self-awareness tool will be used before/during/after the expedition as a foundation for leading from strengths and positivity.   

  • Payment by 1 March 2022 will ensure Salewa Repace Boots and an Osprey Exos (50 Liter) Backpack are delivered to your address for use in the preparation and during The Traverse.

  • The full distance of The Traverse is approximately 25 miles.

  • A custom-made Traverse can be designed for your team!  We would be stoked to build your team's epic experience!