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The Traverse

This is a world-class

Leadership Expedition

The Traverse

Over four days, and four mountain summits, the advisors of Azimuth Consulting Group, LLC will incorporate the latest insights into neuroscience research with the hard-earned, combat-tested lessons on leadership from Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Africa.
During The Traverse, we focus our curriculum on PerspectiveAction, and Commitment while geolocating the special operations attributes of courage, integrity, capability, perseverance, reliability, humility, adaptability, and confidence. 

Experience The Traverse... this is a world-class leadership expedition. 

The Traverse:
The Traverse: Perspective
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The Traverse:  Action
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The Traverse:
The Traverse:  Commitment
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The Traverse:

The Facts

  • The Traverse spans four days and three nights in the Tobacco Root Mountains of Montana.  We will conduct pre-deployment and redeployment at The Peak in Butte, Montana.

  • Participants will be teamed with a Special Operations veteran who will serve as an advisor/mentor for your three or four-person team.

  • Basic Special Operations planning tools will be utilized.

  • The curriculum combines the newest neuroscience insights with hard-earned lessons from U.S. Special Operations in combat.

  • All meals during The Traverse will be provided.  Dietary needs will be accommodated.

  • The Birkman Method self-awareness tool will be used before/during/after the expedition as a foundation for leading from strengths and positivity.  

  • The full distance of The Traverse is approximately 25 miles.


  • A custom-made Traverse can be designed for your team!  We would be stoked to build your team's epic experience!

Forest Scene


Thank you, Azimuth Consulting Group, LLC, and Christopher Schmitt, for a life-changing experience. I came down the mountain a different person and a better version of myself.  Together on a 4-day 3-night expedition, we Traversed over 10K feet sometimes almost vertically in snow shoes, over ice, through water, and across rocks to reach the top of Hollowtop Mountain using the US Army Special Operations Forces Attribute as our guides.  

The mountain exposed my deep-rooted feeling of not being enough and an incessant self-criticizing tape of the “If Only” brain…” “If only I were better” or “when I am different then I will be enough to...”  In many ways, this has driven an entrepreneurial spirit and allowed me to take risks, accomplish goals and continue to improve myself.  It also caused me to lead from the middle using a desire to be of service and take care of others as a mask for a feeling that I am not ready to be at the head.  The Humility and Confidence gained along with Perspective, Action, and Commitment shared with these individuals have shifted something inside of me.  I now Lead from the FRONT.  

The SOF Attribute that others recognize in me is Courage.  I will use that Courage to continue to serve others and build something much bigger than myself!


I put in a lot of work to prepare for The Traverse, which was an incredible experience and far exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you, Chris Schmitt!

You took me to a new level. You pushed me beyond my best self, physically and mentally to limits I didn't know I could surpass, and I have returned with the ability to accomplish more. As an individual, I know that I am now more capable, and I have earned greater confidence to take on even bigger challenges. I saw the same development in our entire Traverse 2022 team, and in only four days, such a short amount of time!

This experience allowed me to develop a better perspective and to think more strategically about my actions. I am committed to staying calm, staying focused, and staying engaged. I feel so honored to have gained this experience with you all through Azimuth Consulting Group, LLC. I'm even more excited to see how our teams will benefit from this amazing experience upon our return! Thank you again!



These four days on The Traverse seem like a bonus life in addition to my current one. The experience is life-changing. I feel accomplished, capable, and strong. A deep understanding of true leadership displaced a bunch of limiting beliefs. Thanks to Azimuth Consulting Group, LLC for the unforgettable experience.



The Traverse is a first-class leadership development program that will benefit leaders at all levels. Team members step out of their comfort zone to the place where real growth happens, and commitments to excellence are forged. I can't speak highly enough of the world-class cadre of Traverse coaches and support team.