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Air Pressure

Michael Blicher Soerensen

Chris has been a phenomenal coach and thought partner for the last six months. Based on my Birkman, Chris and I have regular coaching sessions that are always insightful and thought provoking. Chris is straightforward, honest and brings his full self to every session making our talks genuine and highly valuable.

In our talks we discussed incremental improvements, culture, authenticity, creating win-win situations and leadership behavior. Chris shared insights, book recommendations and helped me connect with peers within the industry.

Thanks Chris!


Lev Joffe

Chris has supported me greatly as a coach in my role in product innovation. The innovation space is ambiguous and can be challenging to navigate successfully. As a coach, Chris helps to stay focused on the road ahead and resilient while being aware of potential roadblocks and pivots. He's able to quickly understand the context. With his experience, he asks the right questions and pushes your thinking toward a solution. Chris has a thoughtful approach to navigating the company's environment to ensure support for the work and your success. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Air Pressure

Govindh Jayaraman

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Chris on my projects as I asked him to provide me the insight and perspective I lack, Chris has ascended through the leadership ranks of one of the largest, best led organizations in the world.

He brings class, intelligence, experience, and perspective to everything he does. I could not recommend Chris more highly.

Air Pressure

John Lineweaver

I want to thank Azimuth Consulting Group for the exceptional leadership coaching provided to our team members across the globe. As a leader of a high-performing team, I am always looking for an edge to achieve even greater success. Azimuth has provided that edge. During one-on-one coaching, team members experienced a safe environment to discuss situations they felt challenged. Team conversations provided insights into our team culture and how external events influence our actions. Personally, I found the coaching sessions invaluable. I used our coaching conversations to resolve potential issues and help me focus on more impactful development at the tactical and strategic levels. As a result of our six-month work with Azimuth, our team is much better suited to achieve greater goals, communicate more effectively, and lead with success. We now have the correct azimuth for our journey!


Edward Walsh

Chris was superb at understanding my strengths and needs. He took the time to really get to know me and my leadership environment. This perspective allowed us to clearly articulate my goals and take the necessary actions to achieve them.

I now believe I can do much more than I originally thought! He has unleashed confidence and positivity that I didn't know I had... all while modeling a calm, clear, and fun approach.

I learned so much from our time together!

Air Pressure

Carlos Francisco

I just wanted to take the time to thank you on behalf of our leadership group at Meta. The hours you spent with us as a thought partner in our careers, open discussions, and leadership directing was by far one of the most useful time we've had as leaders. Your message and direction were empowering, made us more successful as a team, and definitely set us up to find our north star. You navigated through our open culture, maneuvered through the changes we threw at you, and guided us beautifully through the major points we set forth. We appreciated your insights, individualized training to fit our needs, and flexibility when we threw you curve balls. You are Meta approved! Two Facebook Thumbs Up to you and your team!

Air Pressure

Salem Sarieddine

Over the course of ten 1:1 sessions, Chris helped me establish my azimuth, plot a prioritized path to green, and gave me tools to (re)establish my location on my map at any given time.

Chris is an impressive, well-equipped, highly contextualized, and experienced resource that anyone seeking guidance, counsel, coaching, and self-exploration will benefit from utilizing. Junior employee to Sr. Executive alike.


George Ray

Just wrapped up a consulting project with Chris. His style works well to facilitate great self-discovery. His use of the Birkman tools really helps to open up positive and productive relationships with peers, managers, and direct reports. I’m excited and energized by the amazing interactions that we have had. He has helped me to become a better, more present, and more productive leader. Thank you Chris for your partnership.

Air Pressure

Jen Dunfee

Chris has a way of connecting, deconstructing, reconstructing, and communicating that makes him an incredible executive coach. His program helped teach me ways to be my best self, always! I highly recommend Chris and his team for any high achieving professional looking for just a little bit MORE.

Air Pressure

In short, we simply could not have laid the framework to achieve epic change without Scott's insight, coaching, mentorship, and encouragement to be force multipliers and do more than any of us thought possible. I recommend Scott and his partners to anyone who wants to create a dynamic, adaptable, fun team that is capable of making the impossible a reality.


Chris is an inspiration, and his guidance and confidence has motivated me to accomplish some incredible goals. He has taken me beyond my best self and made me better; can’t get enough of this guy!

Air Pressure

Holland Webb 

Chris was worth every penny I invested in him. I left my coaching experience with Chris having more insight, information, and plans for the future than I ever expected.  

Jim Williams

Brian Carroll


Chad Littell


Scott transformed the way I think about executive coaching and personalized leadership goals. The behavioral and occupational assessments, paired with Scott’s ability to simplify the complex, gave me new tools and an intentional vocabulary that could be used in the office, on the athletic field, and in the home. After more than seven years of stumbling through third-party business coaching platforms, I found a coach and a process that delivers practical, actionable, and thoughtful insights. I strongly recommend you hire Scott to guide your next journey.


At first I was very skeptical of business coaching. After meeting with Chris I quickly realized that this was no gimmick and started to see improvement from my first coaching session to the last. Using the information from the initial self assessments Chris was able to help me realize when I am being my best self and also how I could improve. More than any of that, Chris was a pleasure to talk to and I always would look forward to our weekly meetings. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real person who is able to tailor his approach to best fit their needs. Chris - you have made me a believer!

GSD brother!

Aayush Upadhyay

Chris is an excellent leader, coach, listener, and mentor. He has a diverse set of experiences and is great at weaving different narratives to help you learn and grow. He's humble and down-to-earth but has the gravitas of someone who has done and achieved a lot.    My team and I really enjoyed working with Chris on early-stage technology innovation. He helped us move faster, make smart decisions, improve team dynamics, and provide sage advice. I highly recommend you work with him on any project!

Brad Campbell


Air Pressure

Yosef Schritt

Chris is one of the best coaches I have worked with, and I found it helpful to connect with him to build awareness of my strengths. This (our team coaching) was super helpful for the leadership team as it allowed us to take a moment to be intentional about understanding each other's needs and communication styles.


Adam Crowe

I cannot speak highly enough of Scott Morley and Azimuth Consulting Group. As part leadership consultant and part therapist, Scott leveraged industry evaluation tools, clarity of purpose, a jovial spirit, and a caring heart to help me unpack my own professional development journey and understand my strengths and stress points. I initially was skeptical of the process and felt confident I knew and understood my strengths and weaknesses, but I was so wrong. With Scott's help, I was able to strip away assumptions, stereotypes and bad habits to truly be vulnerable enough to lay a foundation that would help me personally and professionally for the next stage of my career.

Air Pressure

Amor Cagampang

Chris has been my executive coach for the past six months, and it has been an incredible journey for my professional and personal growth. Because of his vast experience in Leadership Roles, he has provided me with such valuable perspective, insight, guidance, and knowledge of who I am, who I can be, and, more importantly, who I should be.

He is a true life coach who helps you find the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF and live your life as your best possible self - in the hopes that this will inspire everyone you work with, engage with, and/or interact with do the same.

I look forward to my continued sessions with Chris, and very excited to keep working on being my “best self” at all times!

Candace Homco-Ryan   

Chris is the best mentor I ever had. He listens and really gives a great perspective. I’ve had a handful of coaches over the years and never learned much from any of them. Chris is the first to really make me think and help me harness my best self to be there for my team and my company. Highly recommend!!!     

Air Pressure

Lani Sordello

As an executive coach, Chris made a quick and powerful impact on the partners he was coaching. Unsolicited by me, each partner commented on how effective and positive their sessions were with Chris, and their high engagement in Chris’s program translated into visible results in short-order.  Chris is a valuable member of my extended team and I look forward to continuing working with him here at Starbucks.


Ian Boyd

Chris is one of those rare professionals who exceeds expectations. My executive coaching sessions with him quickly unlocked insights that opened new avenues of thought and opportunity in my business pursuits. His personal touch and genuine investment became even more evident when I traveled to the Seattle area on business and he graciously offered his local area expertise to help me get oriented—making my trip much more productive. I am somewhat reserved in offering recommendations, but Chris has my highest!

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