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Genuine Leadership

We serve executive leaders as thought partners, accountability agents, and cheerleaders.  Ultimately, Azimuth Consulting Group inspires those decisions that build stronger communities. Our coaching and advice cultivate the courage to act in a world where too many stand idly by. Our goal is to develop a leadership environment that will positively impact the future of the world. 

Determining Your Azimuth!

We are comfortable coaching and advising in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments.  In the multi-national, fast-paced combat environments of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sahara, and the Balkans, we had the opportunity to collaborate successfully with some of the world's finest leaders.  Our lives in the US Army Special Forces were challenging, gratifying, and fun.  It's in this same spirit of our "Green Beret" past that we apply our passion for genuine leadership, kindness, and mission success to inspire you and your organization to summit your own epic objectives.  




Leadership Expeditions
"The Traverse"

Bias For Action
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Determining Your Azimuth!
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What is your azimuth?

Do you know where you are on the map?  Do you have your objective plotted?  Do you know the direction and distance to your goal?  Do you have a rope, crampons, a harness, an ice ax, or any other tools to mitigate risk along the way?  Do you have an extra pair of socks, a jacket, snacks, and a bottle of water in your rucksack?


Ultimately, we believe successful business leaders need to answer yes to all these questions when they are navigating their team across the corporate terrain.  Not literally, but figuratively.  That's where we can assist.  


Azimuth Consulting Group can help you determine the route to your next goal, plan to mitigate risks along the way, expect the unexpected with contingencies, and have the confidence to pivot when necessary.  


An azimuth is a direction on a compass.  This is our azimuth...

In our past career, we advised our Nation's friends to be successful in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environments. Consequently, we were blessed with the opportunity to make a difference in a multi-national, fast-paced environment in Afghanistan, the Sahara, Iraq, and the Balkans. Our U.S. Army Green Beret careers were challenging, gratifying, and fun.  After retiring from 30 years of service, I founded Azimuth Consulting Group to continue serving others and making a difference.  Then and now, we have found that focusing on a combination of "incremental progression" and "kindness" is the most effective weapon in our kit bag.  The big idea of the Azimuth Consulting Group is to take the hard-earned lessons learned from Special Operations in combat and seamlessly translate them into corporate sector leadership. With Azimuth, we conduct face-to-face and cloud-based executive and team coaching, facilitate strategic planning and employee satisfaction surveys, and advise on other crucial organizational development requirements.  Finally, we lead a wilderness-based leadership development expedition called "The Traverse." 

We have discovered that our lives now as a corporate "Green Beret" are equally challenging, gratifying, and fun.

If any of this resonates with you, let's talk!

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